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Laboratory Animal Research Products

XpressBio provides a comprehensive portfolio of products which includes research reagents for Laboratory animals. We have a great number of reagents for viral, bacterial and parasitical researchs. 


XpressBio produces most of the antigens used in its plates. A high percentage of these antigens are inactivated purified whole organisms which allow us to develop PCR positive controls.



We are happy to announce the launch of a new microplate for the detection of antibodies against Monkeypox. 

This product can be used for testing of vaccines and therapeutics on Non-Human Primates to battle Monkeypox infection or to study the pathogenesis of the virus.


Ref# : SP870C Monkeypox Microplate.


Ref# : SPC870 Monkeypox Positive Control

Non-Human Primate Monkeypox


AAV2 (Adeno-Associated Virus 2) ELISA Assay

The AAV2 ELISA Assay can be used to measure titrations for AAV2 – including AAV2 wildtype virions, assembled/intact empty AAV2 capsids, and recombinant virions. 


  • Reliable Results: Use cell culture media instead of diluent, reduces data variation and background.

  • Long Shelf Life: Stable positive control and 12 x 8-well breakable strips included.

  • Superior Precision: Inter-assay CV < 10%.

  • High Sensitivity: Minimum detection level of 2.1E+07 capsids/ml

From December 1st, 2023 to January 31st, 2024, Xpressbio is happy to offer you a 30% discount on the new AAV2 assay, 

Catalog# XBAAV2-1000  -  $ 373,10 instead of $ 533.

+ 33 675 88 10 59


+ 1 301-228-2444
888-562-8914 toll free



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