Laboratory Animal Research Products

XpressBio provides a comprehensive portfolio of products which includes research reagents for Laboratory animals. We have a great number of reagents for viral, bacterial and parasitical researchs. 


XpressBio produces most of the antigens used in its plates. A high percentage of these antigens are inactivated purified whole organisms which allow us to develop PCR positive controls.





  • New Simian PCR Controls :

    • Catalog#SPCRNC01     Simian Uninfected Genomic DNA negative Control  New

    • Catalog#P-PC8102-100     SIV PCR Control     New

    • Catalog#SPCRPC01     SRV-1 Positive control     New

    • Catalog#SPCRPC02     SRV-2 Positive control     New

    • Catalog#P-PC004-100      Simian type D Retrovirus, SRV-2 Pos. Ctrl     New

    • Catalog#SPCRPC03     SRV-3 Positive control     New

    • Catalog#SPCRPC04     SRV-4 Positive control     New

    • Catalog#P-PC033-100      Simian type D Retrovirus, SRV-4 Pos. Ctrl     New

    • Catalog#SPCRPC05     SRV-5 Positive control     New

    • Catalog#P-PC034-100      Simian type D Retrovirus, SRV-5 Pos. Ctrl     New

    • Catalog#P-PC032-100     SV-40 PCR Control     New

    • Catalog#P-188001-100     Simian PCR Negative Control     New

    • Catalog#P-PC8100-100     Simian Herpes B PCR Control     New

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The Revolution is under way

nexttec™ 1-Step is the easiest handling and fastest DNA purification system. Available in nexttec™ cleanColumns and nexttec™ cleanPlate96 format.


NEW : Chlamydia psittaci microplate 

595-163C - Chlamydia psittaci Microplate
595-162 -  Guinea Pig Chlamydia psittaci Positive Control

The antigen is prepared from elementary bodies of C. psittaci strain SZ-1 propagated in Mc-Coy cells and purified on a Gastrografin gradient.

20% Discount from March 1st to Mars 31st, 2020

Special Offers

20% Discount from January 1st to Mars 31st, 2020

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NEW : Research Reagents for the new Coronavirus COVID-19

SP864C - Simian COVID-19 antigen Microplate
SPC864 - Simian COVID-19 Simian Positive Control

The antigen is a mixture of recombinant SARS-CoV-2 Spike gylcoprotein (S1) and SARS-CoV-2 Spike glycoprotein (S2) produced in HEK293 cells, sequence strain Wuhan-Hu-1

25% Discount from March 1st to April 30th, 2020

Plate Coronavirus COVID-19 (Ref# SP864C) : Until April 30 th : US$ 311 instead of US$ 415

Positive Control Non-Human Primates  Coronavirus COVID-19 (Ref# SPC864) :

Until April 30 th : US$ 97 instead of US$ 129

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