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XpressBio is pleased to announce the acquisition of BioProductsMD. 

BioProductsMD is the world leader in producing Human PEDF kits and reagents for research labs. Integrating BioProductsMD with the XpressBio team will expand the product offerings and solutions that our company can offer to the research community.

Human Pigment epithelium-derived factor (PEDF) is a multipotent neurotrophic factor with potent activity both in the central nervous system and in the retina. To date, PEDF is the most potent angiogenic inhibitor found in the mammalian ocular compartment. Interestingly, recent studies have shown that decreased ocular levels of PEDF are associated with diabetic retinopathy and other neuroretinal dystrophic diseases. In addition, the neurotropic and anti-angiogenic properties of PEDF suggest this protein is of potential therapeutic value for control of neovascularization associated with tumor growth.

To facilitate research on this important member of the serpin protein superfamily, we have developed a sensitive PEDF ELISA using polyclonal antibodies that specifically detects native PEDF protein in human vitreous and other tissues.

Compared to other commercially-available Human PEDF ELISA kits, our PEDF ELISA is nearly 50 times more sensitive than the competitor's product. In fact, our assay starts at PEDF concentrations that are near the limit-of-detection for other PEDF ELISAs (see below). If you need to quantify PEDF levels in your studies, our PEDF ELISA kit is the best solution to consider!


Cat. #: PED613-10-Human

Human PEDF ELISA kit, 10 x 96-well microplate (10-pak) - Quantity: 10 x 96-well microplate

Cat. #: PED613-5-Human

Human PEDF ELISA kit, 5 x 96-well microplate (5-pak) - Quantity: 5 x 96-well microplate

Cat. #: PED613-Human

Human PEDF ELISA kit, 96-well microplate - Quantity: 96-well microplate


Human PEDF Protein

Human Pigment-Epithelium Derived Factor (PEDF), lyophilized, 50 µg

Cat. #: PEDF-050 - Quantity: 50ug

Human Pigment-Epithelium Derived Factor (PEDF), lyophilized, 1mg

Cat. #: PEDF-1000 - Quantity: 1mg

Human Pigment-Epithelium Derived Factor (PEDF), lyophilized, 500 µg

Cat. #: PEDF-500 - Quantity: 500ug

HumanPigment-Epithelium Derived Factor (PEDF), lyophilized, 5 µg

Cat. #: PEDF-005 - Quantity: 5ug


Anti-PEDF Antibodies

Biotinylated anti-Human PEDF Antibody (affinity-purified, polyclonal, goat), 50ug

Cat. #: AB-PEDF7 - Quantity: 50ug

anti-Human PEDF Antibody (polyclonal, rabbit), 100 µg, lyophilized

Cat. #: AB-PEDF1-Human - Quantity: 100ug

anti-Human PEDF Antibody (polyclonal, rabbit) 1 mg, lyophilized

Cat. #: AB-PEDF2-Human - Quantity: 1mg






Cat. #: XPER 1250

RAT PEDF ELISA kit, 1 x 96-well microplate 

Cat. #: XPER 1280

MOUSE PEDF ELISA kit, 1 x 96-well microplate 




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