HCV Core Antigen Detection ELISA Assay


Catalog# XC-1000

HCV Core Assay is intended for use with tissue culture supernatants.

Analytical Sensitivity: The minimal detectable level is 14 pg/mL.

Price : $ 750

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Companion product:

Catalog# XB-1005: Some ELISA assays are used to detect antigens in various matrices such as tissue culture media and serum or plasma. If the assay is used in serum or plasma, it may yield a false negative result due to circulating antibodies producing immune complexes. This kits contains two reagents that supplement the XpressBio HCV Core ELISA kit (XC-1000) and HIV-1 p24 ELISA Kit (XB-1000). They are used to dissociate the immune complexes and allow the HCV core to be detected. 

Price : $ 45


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