Mycoplasma Detection Kits and Elimination tools


Mycoplasma detection PCR elimination
Mycoplasma Elimination Kits:

The MycoXpress Mycoplasma Elimination kit has been developed to quickly and completely eliminate mycoplasma contamination from cell cultures. 

Current methods for the inactivation or elimination of mycoplasma in cell cultures are antibiotic-based. Antibiotic therapies in particular do not always result in a successful and permanent elimination of the contaminants. Moreover antibiotics exhibit cytotoxic properties in that they are capable of modifying the metabolism of eukaryotic cells and promote the development of resistant mycoplasma strains.

The MycoXpress Mycoplasma Elimination Reagent is a combination of biological agents that reliably and completely eliminate mycoplasma contamination. Compared with other elimination products, the MycoXpress Mycoplasma Elimination kit is more successful and does not cause any changes in normal cell characteristics.

The MycoXpress Mycoplasma Elimination Kit is suitable for the elimination of Mollicutes and related organisms (Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma, Ureaplasma, Spiroplasma, and Entomoplasma) in cell and virus cultures. 


Catalog# CSE01    Mycoplasma Elimination Kit  1 application

Catalog# CSE03    Mycoplasma Elimination Kit  3 applications

Catalog# CSE05    Mycoplasma Elimination Kit  5 applications


Mycoplasma Detection Kits:

MycoXpress Mycoplasma Detection kit utilizes the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which is the method of choice for highest sensitivity in the detection of Mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures and other cell culture derived biologicals. The primer set is specific to the highly conserved the 16S rRNA coding region in the mycoplasma genome. 

This allows for detection of M. orale, M. hyorhinis, M. arginini, M. fermentans, Acholeplasma laidlawii, M. hominis, usually encountered as contaminants in cell cultures. Futhermore, this kit can detect M. pneumoniae, M. salivarium, M. synoviae and Ureaplasma species. Here the list of Mycoplasma species detected by MycoXpress Mycoplasma Detection Kit

Eukaryotic and bacterial DNA is not amplified by MycoXpress Mycoplasma Detection kit


Catalog# CSD100     Mycoplasma Detection Kit 100 tests

Catalog# CSD25       Mycoplasma Detection Kit 25 tests

Catalog# CSD50       Mycoplasma Detection Kit 50 tests

Catalog# CSHD25    UltraSense Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit 25 tests

Catalog# CSHD50    UltraSense Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit 50 tests

Catalog# CSHD100  UltraSense Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit 100 tests

Catalog# CSQD25    MycoXpress Mycoplasma qPCR Detection Kit 25 tests

Catalog# CSQD50    MycoXpress Mycoplasma qPCR Detection Kit 50 tests

Catalog# CSQD100  MycoXpress Mycoplasma qPCR Detection Kit 100 tests




Mycoplasma Prevention Spray:


Mycoplasma contamination occurs in less than 1% of primary cells. However, the contamination rate in cells increases generally as cell passages continue. This is mainly because careless treatments of cell lines result in the increased occurrence of mycoplasma contamination. 

Cross contamination is the main reason for mycoplasma contamination in labs dealing with cells as lab equipment, tables, and researchers serve as medium of spreading mycoplasma. Regular sterilization of the equipments and the personal cleanliness of researchers are the only way to prevent mycoplasma contamination. 


Catalog# CSP100      Mycoplasma SPRAY 100 uses

Catalog# CSP1000    Mycoplasma SPRAY 1000 uses



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