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Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kits


Mycoplasma detection PCR elimination
Mycoplasma Detection Kits:

The XpressMyco Master PCR Detection Kit is designed for the routine examination of cell cultures for mycoplasmas. Extensive isolation of the genomic DNA is not necessary — a sample of the cell culture supernatant is used as template for the PCR. With few pipetting steps for the PCR approach and analysis by means of gel electrophoresis, the procedure delivers results quickly, easily, and to a high level of sensitivity.


The XpressMyco PCR Detection Kit enables you to detect even minor mycoplasma contamination in your cell cultures. The PCR primers can detect all relevant strains within supernatants of cultured cells. In addition to the primers, the set contains a hot-start Taq-polymerase, an optimized buffer solution with MgCl2, deoxynucleotides and an internal control template. The PCR product length of this internal control is 700 bp and is used to confirm the polymerase-mediated amplification in all PCR samples. Contaminated cultures will show a single 500 – 520 bp amplification product depending on the mycoplasma strain.

The XpressMyco qPCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit is designed for the direct detection of Mollicutes, such as Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma, and Sprioplasma in cell culture media and other biological matrices. Each kit contains all the necessary qPCR components including hot-start Taq polymerases, primers, and dNTPs. The Master Mix includes internal control DNA to reliably identify PCR inhibition and/or DNA extraction issues.

Ref# XMYC2-25      XpressMyco Master PCR Detection Kit, 25 Reactions

Ref# XMYC2-50      XpressMyco Master PCR Detection Kit, 50 Reactions

Ref# XMYC3-50      XpressMyco PCR Detection Kit, 50 Reactio

Ref# XMYCG-100   XpressMyco PCR Plus Detection Kit, 100 Reactions

Ref# XMYCQ-25     XpressMyco qPCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit, 25 Reactions


Ref# XMYCQ-100   XpressMyco qPCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit100 Reactions 

Ref# XMYCQ-250   XpressMyco qPCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit, 250 Reactions 

List of Mollicute Strains Detected by ​XpressMyco Master PCR Detection Kit (XMYC2-25, XMYC2-50)

List of Mollicute Strains Detected by XpressMyco PCR Detection Kit (XMYC3-50)


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