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XpressBio Recombinant Collagenases (COL G and COL H)

High quality Collagenases to improve cell isolation reproducibility, enhancing cell yield.    


Recombinant Collagenases COL G (class I) and COL H (class II) can be customized to adapt to the specific research application and guarantee the standardization of the collagenase enzymatic activity.

Benefits of Recombinant Collagenases
  • Reproducible batches: Avoid batch-to-batch variation.  Reliability of results.

  • Consistency: Consistent results from each experiment. Time saving–cost saving.

  • Pure collagenase (>99%): No contaminating proteases to obtain more functional cells.

  • Reagent Flexibility: Customization of blend for the specific application.

  • High stability (up to 3 years): Product stable at RT or cold storage. No auto-degradation by proteases

  • Endotoxin-free: No off-shoot toxic effects on cells.

Sans titre.png
vs. Extractive Collagenases
  •  Blend: mixture of class I and  class II, plus other proteases.


  •  Variability in composition: of class I and class II as also batch-to-bacth variation. Researchers need to pre-test batches with waste of time and biological samples.


  •  High variability in the efficiency: The exact composition of the blend is hard to characterize. The activity of each enzyme is not characterized.


  •  Lower stability: Proteases interact with each other.


  •  Residual Trypsin-like activity.

XpressBio solution : The technology
Products : Collagenases
Products : Isolation kits

XPB Cat#         Description                      List Price

CG-001             COL G, 75 U                      US$ 106

CG-002             COL G, 300 U                    US$ 336

CG-003             COL G, 750 U                    US$ 683

CH-001             COL H, 750 U                    US$ 106

CH-002             COL H, 3000 U                  US$ 336

CH-003             COL H, 7500 U                  US$ 683

XPB Cat#     DescriptionList                                       Price

CK-3-000       Hepatocytes from Rat Isolation Kit            US$ 612

CK-4-000       Islets from Mouse Pancreas Isolation Kit    US$ 120

CK-4-001       Islets from Rat Pancreas Isolation Kit        US$ 241

CK-5-000       Chondrocytes Isolation Kit                       US$ 127

CK-6-000       MSCs from Adipose Tissue Isolation Kit     US$ 127

CK-7-000       Cardiomyocytes from Rats Isolation Kit     US$ 443

  • Chondrocytes from Cartilage

  • Hepatocytes from Rat liver

  • Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) from Lipoaspirate

  • Islets from Rat Pancreas

  • Islets from Mouse Pancreas

  • Fibroblast from Skin

  • Stem cells from Cardiac Muscle

  • MSCs from Adipose tissue

  • Retinal cells from Mouse

  • Cardiomyocytes from Rat Heart

  • Coming soon : Hepatocytes from Human liver

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