Next level mouse DNA sampling and Genotyping without tail biopsies     


XPressBio is the worldwide exclusive distributor of the SNOOPLEX FastPrep

SNOOPLEX Highlights
Kit Contents

Each kit contains the following components:

Sterile, DNA-free swabs, each packed
separately and treated with ethylene oxide        x96

Snooplex lysis buffer                                                  1x 10 ml


5x PCR reaction buffer (violet cap)                        1x 500 μl

5x Control mix A, B or C (yellow cap)*                  1x 500 μl

Taq DNA polymerase (white cap)                          1x 100 μl

Nuclease-free water (blue cap)                             1x 1.5 ml


*There are 3 types of control mix: A – with 231 bp internal mouse control,
B – with 850 bp internal mouse control, C – with no internal mouse control.
(gel-loading buffer included)



Product                          Description                                 Cat. no.

Snooplex FastPrep A        with 231 bp internal control        SFP-A-001

Snooplex FastPrep B        with 850 bp internal control        SFP-B-001

Snooplex FastPrep C        without any internal control        SFP-C-001


For 96 reactions.

Price list is at the Downloads page. Products for Research Use Only.


SNOOPLEX Product description
SNOOPLEX Procedure
SNOOPLEX Newborn Mice

GVG scientists have successfully carried out genotyping exercises from swab samples as early as from the first day after birth (see the Newborn Mice Flyer). Technically it works fine. The stress/burden for the animals at this very young stage is not insignificant, but has not been looked at systematically. From our experience, sampling is relatively easy from about day 7.


We have also carried out skin swabs from very young mice. Swab samples were taken from from the axular areas (leg pits). This works also. However, in some cases there is a weak signal – orders of magnitude weaker than the real signal – from the mother animal, most likely due to grooming activities.

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