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Our CEO and co-founder, Mo Hashemzadeh, has had several leadership positions in sales and marketing with such companies as Whittaker Bioproducts, Digene Corporation, Dynex Technologies and PPD, Inc. He has directed sales, marketing and product development of hundreds of products in the categories of infectious disease, lab animal medicine , human diagnostics and molecular biology. XpressBio today markets to over 50 countries worldwide. 


Our CSO and co-founder, Dr. William Boteler, was involved with the development of the first ELISA product that obtained approval from the FDA. Over his career he has obtained near 100 FDA clearances for diagnostic products, with many being the first through the FDA, such as assays for Human Rubella, Measles, Mumps, Lyme Disease and Helicobactor pylori. He is also a member of the board of directors for several companies such as Biosenia, Express Genomics and XpressBio. He is also the founder of Immunoprobe. Mr. Boteler has held several directorial positions at Whittaker Bioproducts, and Electronucleonics. He has authored several scientific publications. 


Our Chief Molecular Biologist, Dr. Mark Smith has over 10 years experience in biotechnology production and services and 20 years experience in academic research. He is co-founder of Express Genomics, Inc. Dr. Smith has authored over 50 peer-reviewed manuscripts in the field of Molecular Oncology, having investigated and mapped the Ras-mediated signal transduction pathway that has been found to be associated with the development and progression of many human cancers. He has extensive background in the fields of Protein Expression and Purification, Virology and Immunology as well as Cell Culture and PCR. Dr. Smith has worked at Life Technologies, Inc. developing novel cDNA synthesis and cloning technology platforms and was a principal investigator at the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Smith holds a doctorate degree in Biochemistry and Virology from Brigham Young University in Utah, and performed post-doctoral research at the Roche Institute of Molecular biology.


Dr. Thierry Delvienne, Director XpressBio EMEA, is a Senior Business Development professional with more than 30 years of experience in various marketing and sales positions in such companies as Kabi Vitrum, DAKO, PPD Development, Cerep and LGC. A unique combination of a strong science background combined with sales, marketing and entrepreneurial experience, he has a demonstrated track record of developing new products and markets, creating alliances, setup of distribution network, driving sales, and building sales teams. He is also share holder and board member of ANS Biotech, share holder and Sr. Director Business Development at IntegraCell and owner & CEO of DRT Consulting. His specialties includes immunology, serology and molecular biology products, integrated drug discovery programs (in vitro and in vivo pharmacology, HTS, lead discovery, chemistry, libraries, in vitro ADME), pharmacogenomics, in vitro toxicology services.


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