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The production of a vaccine which improves the immune response to a particular infectious or disease causing agent is a challenge and requires an accurate measurement of the degree of the immune response.

Xpressbio have produced a quantitative range of ELISA assays to specifically measure the degree of immunity against a specific range of infectious targets.

A standard (Immunoglobulins, positive calibrator) is provided to generate a standard curve for quantitation of the proteins. The assays can determine amount of immunogloblins in the samples. The assay values determined using assays from different manufacturers or different methods may not be used interchangeably. There is not international standards, therefore the units are assigned arbitrarily. These products are for research use only.


  • Diptheria is a very contagious upper respiratory infection caused by Corynebacterium diphtheriae. Symptoms include fever, sore throat and a

      pseudomembrane in the throat area. These symptoms are caused by a toxinreleased from the bacteria. Vaccines have been developed with Diptheria

      Toxoid (inactivated Diptheria toxin) to protect from infection. 

  • Pertussis is a very contagious upper respiratory infection caused by Bordetella pertussis. Symptoms include cold-like symptoms and later a

    characteristic whooping cough. Vaccines have been developed with Pertussis antigens to protect from infection.

  • Tetanus also called lockjaw is caused by neurotoxin from deep wound infection with Clostridium tetani. Symptoms include muscle spasms of the jaw and elsewhere in the body. These symptoms are caused by a toxin released from the bacteria. Vaccines have been developed with Tetanus Toxoid (inactivated Tetanus toxin) to protect from infection.

  • Haemophilus influenzae type b can cause bacteremia, pneumonia, and acute bacterial meningitis in infants and young children. Vaccines have been developed with Haemophilus influenzae type b polysaccharide conjugated to a protein to protect from infection.

  • Hepatitis B virus can infect hominoidae and cause an inflammation of the liver called hepatitis. The virus is a hepadnavirus. This is a unique DNA

    virus as it replicates by a RNA intermediate using reverse transcription. During its life cycle the virus produces excess quantities of non-infectious

    particles designated as the hepatitis surface antigen (HBsAg). Animals will make antibodies to this antigen designating immunity. Vaccines have been

    developed with recombinant HBsAg to protect animals from infection. 

  • Bacillus anthracis is a spore forming bacterium that normally infects animals such as herbivores. Other species such as man can also become infected. The protective antigen (PA83) is crucial for the pathogenesis of the organism. Animals will make antibodies to this antigen designating past exposure. Vaccines have been developed with cellular products to protect animals from infection.

  • Polio virus: Poliomyelitis, often referred to as infantile paralysis or polio, is an infectious disease caused by poliovirus. This acute viral infectious disease is typically spread through two methods, a fecal to oral or oral to oral transmission. Varying types of paralysis may present depending on which nerve is involved. Poliomyelitis is a term used to identify three different serotypes of disease; these include type 1 (Brunhilde), type 2 (Lansing), and type 3 (Leon).

Principle of the assays*

The kits contains one 96 well microplate with microtiter wells coated with bacterial or viral anigens are exposed to test specimens, which may contain Human or Animal IgG reactive antibodies.

After an incubation period, unbound components in the test sample are washed away. Specific bound Human or Animal IgG react with an anti-Human or Animal IgG conjugated with HRP during a second incubation period.

Following a second wash cycle, specific bound enzyme conjugate is detected by reaction with the substrate solution, 2,2' Azino-di[3-ethyl-benzthiazolinesulfonate (ABTS). The assay is measured spectrophotometrically to indicate the level of Human or Animal antibodies present in a sample.


* The exception is the Human and the Simian Anti-HBsAg ELISA Kit (IM-219H and SK852C) which uses antigen “sandwich” ELISA method.




XpressBio Kits

Bacillus anthracis

Catalog #IM-326 Mouse Anti-Anthrax PA83 ELISA Kit

Catalog #IM-301 Rabbit Anti-Anthrax PA83 ELISA Kit


Bordetella pertussis

Catalog #IM-203 Mouse Anti-Pertussis ELISA Kit

Catalog #IM-216 Rabbit Anti-Pertussis ELISA Kit

Catalog #IM-216H Human Anti-Pertussis ELISA Kit


Clostridium tetani

Catalog #IM-202 Mouse Anti-Tetanus toxoid ELISA Kit

Catalog #IM-217 Rabbit Anti-Tetanus Toxoid ELISA Kit

Catalog #IM-217H Human Anti-Tetanus Toxoid ELISA Kit


Corynebacterium diphteriae

Catalog #IM-201 Mouse Anti-Diptheria Toxoid ELISA Kit

Catalog #IM-215 Rabbit Anti-Diptheria Toxoid ELISA Kit

Catalog #IM-215H Human Anti-Diptheria Toxoid ELISA Kit


Haemophilus influenzae B

Catalog #IM-204 Mouse Anti-Haemophilus  influenzae B (HIB) ELISA Kit

Catalog #IM-218 Rabbit Anti-Haemophilus  influenzae B (HIB) ELISA Kit

Catalog #IM-218H Human Anti-Haemophilus  influenzae B (HIB) ELISA Kit


Hepatitis B Virus

Catalog #IM-325 Mouse Anti-HBsAg ELISA Kit

Catalog #IM-219 Rabbit Anti-HBsAg ELISA Kit

Catalog #IM-219H Human Anti-HBsAg ELISA Kit*

Catalog #SK852C Simian Anti-HBsAg ELISA Kit*


Catalog #SK900 Simian Anti-Poliovirus type 1 ELISA Kit

Catalog #SK901 Simian Anti-Poliovirus type 2 ELISA Kit

Catalog #SK902 Simian Anti-Poliovirus type 3 ELISA Kit



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