HIV-1 Integrase Assay Kit version 3.0 


Catalog # EZ-1700         Price US$ 1,019


The new version 3.0 of the integrase assay offers several important and unique features and improvements:

  • A non-radioactive measurement of integrase activity and inhibition by drugs

  • A rapid three hour in vitro assay system to examine drug efficacy

  • Improved integrase enzyme specific activity and stability

  • Addition of an extra test strip to determine optimal integrase activity before drug testing

  • Increased sensitivity of integrase for inhibitors and test articles

  • Increased assay reproducibility and fidelity

  • Ability to determine drug effects on 3’ processing and strand transfer reactions

  • Ability to separate the 3’ processing activity from the strand transfer activity of integrase

  • The only commercially available reliable integrase kit in the market place


In addition, mutant integrase enzyme, were the asparagines at position 155 has been replaced with a histidine residue (N155H), is available in order to test putative inhibitors on naturally occurring HIV mutants that have arisen after drug treatment of viral infected cells. An HIV-1 Integrase mutant N155H Assay Kit (Catalog # EZ-1800 / Price US$ 1,019) has been released.


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