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Laboratory Animal Research Products



XpressBio is a producer of Antigens. We manufacture a comprehensive port folio of reagents for Immunology, IFA and PCR for the research studies of viral, bacterial and parasitical infections on Laboratory Animals. 

The quality of laboratory animals could be affected by genetics, environments, and microorganisms. Several groups of microorganisms are responsible

for infections in rodents and rabbits. These infections can have a considerable impact on the outcome of animal experiments. Some infections in laboratory animals can also infect humans (zoonoses), (see also the Guidelines in the Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA)).


1 - Immunology

Based on the antibody-to-antigen specificity, determines whether an animal has ever been infected by identifying antibody in serum. 

2 - Bacteriology

Isolation and identification of bacteria mainly in genital, respiratory and digestive tracts or from skin by using culture and other auxiliary tests. 


3 - Parasitology

Examination of the external and internal parasites and intestinal worms and protozoa for the latter. 


4 - Molecular Biology

5 - Histopathology Diagnosis. 


6 - Clinical Pathological Diagnosis including clinical blood biochemistry, hematology and urinalysis, 

ELISA Serology Mouse Rat Rodent

XpressBio Immunological Reagents

A very comprehensive port folio of antigens, antibodies and ancillary products for Rodents, Rabbit and Non-Human Primates.

Antigen virus bacteria parasite

XpressBio Antigens

XpressBio produces 85% of the antigens as purified inactivated whole organisms. We also provide recombinant proteins.

PCR positive control

XpressBio PCR positive controls 

Direct detection of agents by PCR is useful in Laboratory Animal Research.

XpressBio IFA Slides & Controls 

Mainly for virus pathogens

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